Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I cook at a restaurant for a living, but I also cook at home in my spare time. This blog is meant to document the food that I produce at home, or "after service". I want this so that I can have access to detailed, well document recipes, with pictures and side-notes, and therefore, prevent myself from forgetting all of the little details that are so important when cooking.  However, I also want to allow others to see what little details I think make all the difference; you can either take my troubleshooting ideas to heart or laugh at my experiments and wonder why I am making a simple project complicated.  I understand both sides, but I still think it is worth it to find the best way to prepare an item.  I hope that if someone reads a post, and feels one way or another, they will let me know how they feel and why.

Enjoy, if you can,


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