Monday, July 26, 2010

Yellow Squash Purée

I tried to produce a distinctly different flavor and texture than that of whole blended squash. The seeds and pulpy mass under the skin have great flavor, but not the color or texture I wanted. I decided to boil the middles and extract as much flavor as possible, but then strain and not blend the middles into the skin, just their liquid. The details follow.
535g squash middles
65g butter +12g aside
430g water
6g salt
316g outermost skin of yellow zucchini
95g onion, small dice
5g lime juice
a few turns ground black pepper
Place the squash middles, 65g butter, water, and salt in a pot and boil until a little less than a quarter of the liquid is left. Pass through a fine mesh strainer(only about 100g of liquid should be able to be passed). Reserve the boiled middles for another use. Sauté the onion and zucchini skin with the extra butter until everything starts to soften. Add the passed squash broth and bring to a boil. Blend until smooth, adding the lime juice at the end of the blending. Season with the black pepper and additional salt if needed.
Plate it up!
Butter poached rack of lamb with ossau-iraty new potato gratin, crispy lamb belly, puréed yellow squash, and a stew of zucchini and chanterelles.

The boiled squash that doesn't pass through the strainer makes a great taco, but you will probably put it into a loaf of quick bread.



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