Saturday, February 26, 2011

Smoked Banana Ice Cream

Bacon? If its smoked, its bacon. Or, at least that seems to be the zeitgeist of the food world.
This banana ice cream has a lot of dairy(as iced creams should) and no egg.
185g smoked ripe banana
200g cream
240g milk
5g salt
130g sugar
4g lemon juice
4g squid ink
Place everything into a blender and blend until completely smooth. Chill and churn into ice cream.
Plate it up!
Smoked banana ice cream with browned white chocolate bonbon, frozen white chocolate, burnt banana, and grey salt.



stephanie said...

what's the gray quenelle?

Jason said...

This is my kind of recipe with just the right number of steps.

JBrown said...

I think I may actually try this.

Adam Starowicz said...

Sorry everyone! The grey quenelle is the smoked banana ice cream, the whitish ones are lightly maillarded white chocolate that is frozen. I forgot to put in the 4g of squid ink for color. That way it looks like smoke. The recipe is now exact for what is in the picture.

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