Saturday, June 12, 2010

Condensed Milk - Unsweetened

Commercial condensed milk is delicious. Browning it to make dulce de leche is also delicious. However, that stuff has additional sugar, making it sweetened and condensed; this milk is just condensed(and browned).
Place the milk in a non-stick pot(for cleaning purposes). Bring the milk to a simmer and turn down the heat low enough so that it simmers hard, but does not boil over. Stir every 30 minutes until the milk has separated, turned brown, and reduced to about 1/5 of it's original volume (how long depends on the pot, heat,and amount of milk). Blend the condensed milk until smooth and add salt to taste.
This method produces a different flavor than browning sweetened milk. I will be trying out some recipes using this homemade, unsweetened condensed milk, but I wanted to document how it was made first.



Anonymous said...

adam what about evaporated milk?

Adam Starowicz said...

Evaporated milk is essentially what I have made here. Commercial evaporated milk has lost 60% of it's water content. I take this milk even further and keep cooking until it browns. So basically, I have made very evaporated milk.

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