Friday, October 22, 2010

Milk Punch

This was brought about by my roommate Shiraz Noor, with inspirations from Cameron Bogue(2009) and Jerry Thomas(1862).  The recipe is a large scale, yielding 24 quarts.

Smash-up the following:
5g Cloves
10g Green Cardamom Pods
20g Fennel Seeds
15g Coriander Seeds
20g Black Peppercorns
10g Cinnamon
25g Vanilla Bean
50g Peeled Ginger
Add all of the above to 3 quarts of water and bring to a boil. Cover, cook for 5 minutes.
Remove from the heat and add:
50g Darjeeling Tea Leaves
100g Lemon Zest
2500g Sugar
Allow to rest overnight and strain. Leave all of the aromatics in the strainer and pour the following on top:
3750mL Smith and Cross Rum
2250mL Batavia Arrack
2000mL J&B Blended Scotch
2Q Lemon Juice (Fresh)
3Q Pineapple Juice (Fresh, unless it sucks[canned Dole is consistently ok])
Allow all to come to ambient temperature.  Bring 7 quarts of whole milk to a boil.
Add .5quarts fresh lemon juice. Add to the strained liquid, stir and strain through a fine mesh strainer(we use a super bag, see below). Add the first strained liquid back to the strainer, being sure to leave the collected milk solids in the strainer. Cool and serve over cracked ice.

The recipe is open to alteration, but the foundation is the milk. It alters the texture of the drink in two ways, by adding body and removing particles. The milk separates, leaving the whey to affect its body and the coagulated solids to strain the drink, making it completely smooth.

The strainer we use is a 250 micron bag, also known as a super bag. It works well, other strainers are not recommended.

Clear, cold, spicy, tart, sweet, boozy, milk.
Milk Punch



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